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UMPlayer vs. SMPlayer

👤 🕔 July 14, 2014 0

Media players are currently the most convenient means to watch movies. Aside from enabling users to download movies in compatible formats to their media players, some players even allow YouTube streaming and other cool features. No wonder the youth of today are going crazy over which media player is the best. There are 2 media players that are always put in comparison and that is the UMPlayer vs. the SMPlayer. In fact, these 2 media players were said to have almost the same features and capabilities. Still, others are not convinced and prefer to use one player over the other. Others have their own set of negative feedback while others have positive ones. So let’s find out what are the points that should be noted between these 2 media players.

UMPlayer is packed with advanced features. We say advance because other software’s are not really capable of UMPlayer’s capabilities. As a start, UMPlayer provides audio delay adjustment for different platform users. When it comes to subtitles, UMPlayer enables configuration possible. In fact, it offers as much as 35 different translations. Its interface is skinnable, meaning users can change their media players’ skin anytime and depending on their mood. Because YouTube is another powerful media source, UMPlayer will not let users down. This media player comes with YouTube Recorder as well as YouTube search! Now, does SMPlayer have all these impressive and advanced features of UMPlayer?

SMPlayer can be advanced in its own way; however, there are few features of UMPlayer that are not found in SMPlayer. SMPlayer does not have audio delay adjustment however it has an audio and video filters and even equalizer. Just like UMPlayer, this media player allows subtitle configuration too and this is also available in more than 30 different languages. In terms of its YouTube features, SMPlayer provides YouTube browser, although this media player is not exactly the same as UMPlayer, it is still inevitable not to compare these 2 due to its similar features.

So what is your take? Which do you think is better in terms of features? The real score here is that both UMPlayer and SMPlayer have unique functionalities. Both are downloaded frequently and have one goal, to deliver entertainment, satisfaction and high quality video and audio files. So if you were to choose which is which, make sure that the media player you will choose is the one that will make your experience pleasant and unforgettable. Download UMPlayer and SMPlayer now and see the difference between these 2 media players. You don’t have to download just one player since both are available for free with no monetary charges or whatsoever. If you think none of these media players fit your personality, bear in mind that there are dozens of other media players out there. Just research first and find out more about its features and even limitations before deciding on downloading and installing.

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