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UMPlayer Skins

Have you ever wished of changing the look of your favourite media player? There are dozens of media player available for free download however few have the ability to change skin. UMPlayer is one of those simple media players yet filled with impressive advanced features that will really surprise and impress you. There are dozens of UMPlayer skins available online with provided link so all users can take advantage of UMPlayers different cool and attractive looks.


However, before you are able to use or change your UMPlayer’s skin, you must first and foremost download its RAR archive by unpacking it. Next, make sure to place the unpacked file content in the install directory of UMPlayer. Now, if you want to select your preferred skin, simply restart the software and look for the option “Skins” and select whatever name you prefer to use.


UMPlayer download must not be missed because this media player does not just allow you to change readily available skins but also enables all users to create their own skin and share it with other users. As you can see, UMPlayer download offers a lot that you do not expect. There are a lot of UMPlayer skins to choose from and some of the commonly used are the Gonzo skin, Greybird skin and Oxygono skin.


Gonzo skin – Free UMPlayer download offers the chance to use and take advantage of the Gonzo skin. This skin is said to be fully enhanced and modified to fit with Adwaita theme that is intended for the Gnome 3.


Greybird skin – This UMPlayer skin is said to be created and based out of the Mac skin which was then later modified for the compatibility to the Greybird theme. For those who don’t know, the Greybird theme is the usual theme used by Xubuntu users as well as lubuntu. Its license is under GPL therefore there’s no need to worry in downloading this skin.


Oxygono skin – Another widely used UMPlayer skin is the Oxygono which was originally created by its author to match his needs to have a skin that will look better to his desktop. This skin comes in a simple and clean look.


There are more UMPlayer skins available to download and it’s up to you to choose whatever that will suit your taste and mood. Download free UMPlayer and enjoy a worry and hassle free YouTube search and other advanced features. In addition, UMPlayer does not just boast its skin; this software can also play almost all type of media format same as with VLC media player. The formats it can play are WMA, AAC, AC3, DIVX, Vorbis, VOB, WMV, XVID, and more.


It also comes with hundreds of built-in codecs. Therefore, free UMPlayer download is an impeccable software to try. What makes it more interesting is the different looks or user interface it has to offer and thanks to its skinnable feature, UMPlayer is not just for oldies but as well as for teens and young adults who are into using skins to change the look and feel of their media players.