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The Battle between UMPlayer and KMPlayer

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Have you heard about KMPlayer? What about UMPlayer? For sure, a lot of people are familiar with UMPlayer because it is widely use for video and audio needs. However, there’s also another media player software that although given less attention, it comes with high quality features that can almost be compared to other high end popular software’s. KMPlayer is typically known as the KMP or the K-Multimedia Player.

This software is capable of playing karge file sizes and in different file formats. Just like UMPlayer, this is a robust piece of software that can read and play files in the form of DVD, VCD, OGG, MPEG, WMV, FLV, RealMedia, AVI and a lot more. Although this is not as popular as other media players, KMPlayer download will give you tons of surprises as it is even rated by most of its users with great rating.

KMPlayer can handle a lot of things more than you can think of, in fact this player is capable of reading subtitles too. The best part of it is it can be used if you want to capture what you are watching. A screenshot capture ability is present, and comes with filters both internally and externally. If compared to UMPlayer, KMPlayer is really good. The only problem is it’s not as popular as UMPlayer hence fewer downloads are noted as compared to UMPlayer. Now, do you think UMPlayer is a better software? UMPlayer download can cater both the users’ video and audio needs too just like KMPlayer. The software’s layout is very easy to understand, very manageable and easy to learn. Its features are practical and very useful. It can b customized and have few more features that are impressive.

If you are asked which among KMPlayer and UMPlayer is better, which one would you prefer using? Both are for free download, the only difference is the popularity and visibility of each software. KMPlayer may not be as popular as UMPlayer, however it is very practical, powerful and really amusing. This software will not disappoint you nor mislead you. It can definitely do a lot of things for free.

On the other hand, UMPlayer download is also a good choice being user friendly yet powerful on its own simple way. So download both for optimum media player experience. Better yet, try to check what the negative points of each software are and see if it’s something you can accept. If so, then proceed with your download. Just make sure that the media player you chose is the one that is capable of reading wide variety of format.

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