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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is our own way to provide certain parameters that will surely benefit both our site and the visitors specially. This is a set of rules and regulations that create mutual security between our users and visitors. Our privacy policy carefully set our expectations to our users at the same clear view of our user’s expectations towards the site. Here we make sure that concise rule and firm policies are strictly followed. Privacy policy makes sure that we do not only provide quality service in our site but especially we build trust by means of highest privacy towards our users. At the same time that our users should act accordingly toward the site. Any misbehaviour will be handled accordingly as soon as possible.


Users Options


Our site ensures that we never forcedly ask or require any information from our users. Any information that we obtain or receive from our visitors is purely optional and voluntary. If in case we request any information personal data for instance we make sure that we handle it correctly and consider it confidential. And only be utilized for important purposes beneficial to our users.


Privacy of Personal Information


Privacy is our topmost priority. We see to it that all the information that our users trusted to us are considered confidential. We provide encrypting tools that surely secure all the personal information that we gathered from our users. Only highly authorized technical support are allowed to use it for very important purposes only. Sharing of any information publicly is strictly prohibited in our site. Hence we ensure our users serious handling of their personal information.


Use of Personal Information


Any instances that we use our user’s personal information we see to it that it will serve a valid purpose. We need to send our visitors updates, newsletters or even surveys from time to time to improve our site and that we need to use their contact information to reach them through email, phone or even in their physical address. Always, we guarantee that all the files are properly encrypted and only correct recipient is allowed to view.


Collected Personal Information


Our site voluntarily collects data according to the information that was freely handed to us. Often we use this information especially the contact details to correctly reach our users on time to provide them feedback, send answers to their concerns or even provide updates to enhance their programs. Again, we obtain information from our user’s consent and handle it with utmost privacy. The basic personal information that are basically handed to us are given name, full name, age, birth date, permanent physical address, office address zip code, mobile phones, office telephone number, home phone number and email address or addresses.


Disclosure Agreement


This is a confirmation that our users are fully aware about their responsibilities and limitations as well as their rights and security towards the site. It is right and proper to conclude that all the details from our policies and limitations are carefully read, understood and agreed by our users when they continue to explore further in our site.