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Install & Uninstall UMPlayer

UMPlayer or the Universal Media Player is a free and open source multimedia player solution filled with exciting functionalities. This is a multiplatform multimedia player under GPL. UMPlayer is your efficient media player that can satisfy your demand for all media types like video, audio, image and other file formats.


How to Install UMPlayer


UMPlayer has a user friendly interface which provides a lot of convenience to user’s even steps to install is made quick and simple.


Tip: Before you install UMPlayer make sure that you have already your executable file save to your preferred folder to ensure quick installation. You no longer need Internet connection to successfully install it. However if you still don’t have the executable file simply download it from UMPlayer site it only takes you three clicks to download it. Now let’s go ahead and proceed to the first step.




  • First strike the link of UMPlayer from your preferred location.
  • Next hit the “Download” tab.
  • Third “Save” the file to your preferred folder.
  • Then hit the folder twice to open the executable file.
  • Fifth, double click the “.exe file” then hit “Run” two times.
  • Then you’ll notice a dialog box will prompt if you allow any changes to your computer simply double click.
  • Click the “Yes” button to confirm otherwise hit cancel if you don’t want to continue.
  • Then choose your preferred folder and double click “Install”.
  • Finally, click “Finish” once to complete the process.




Mac OS is an easy to use Operating System and even installation process ranges from few clicks are just drag and drop option. Universal Media Player is made easier to install with Macintosh.


  • First, make sure that you remember the right folder where you saved the correct downloaded executable file (.exe).
  • Second, simply hit the executable file (.exe) twice.
  • The file will automatically execute and install instantly to your system.

Now we’re done with the simple steps and guide to install UMPlayer instantly. Our next task is to follow correct procedure on how to uninstall this media player just in case we don’t need it anymore.


How to Uninstall UMPlayer


There are a lot of considerations that contributes to our decision to uninstall specific software. It might be we need extra space from our hard drive to handle new programs.  Another is that we are no longer using the program for so long. Also we need more space from our system that removing some file may help improve the speed.




  • First, you need to click “Start” button once then drag the mouse to the “Control Panel”.
  • Next hit the “Control Panel” two times then you will see “Uninstall Program” from the choices.
  • Third, select “UMPlayer” by clicking it twice
  • Fourth strike the “Uninstall” button two times.
  • Finally hit “Finish” button once and you’ve successfully uninstall UMPlayer from the file.




File uninstallation is simple and quick with Mac. Simply choose “UMPlayer” from the folder then drag it to trash.


It is easier to uninstall a program than it was first installed so as a simple tip, make sure that you are aware that you really need to uninstall a software for important purposes because you might need it again and looking for the same copy might give you difficulty to install it again instantly.